…it’s still just basic economics

Basic Economics, A poem by Tommy Bottoms

‘The only way to survive in this society is to have a hustle mentality’, that’s how Tommy Bottoms ever so eloquently broke it down for us in his poem, Basic Economics, which he did a few years back on Def Poetry Jam.

In this information age, where this new age aspiring hustlers are bombarded with all kinds of ‘how to get rich’ and ‘how to be succesful’ schemes, advice, books, websites and getting finessed out of their money for webinars, seminars etc. Tommy Bottoms with this jewel of a poem reminds us that there is nothing complex about this hustle game.

Image: @Ramireztoons

In essence, anyone can listen to this poem and feel motivated and schooled on the basic essence of economics. Do not walk miles in search to quench your entrepreneural thirst and walk past an oasis right next to you because you think business is hard so there must be some magical fountain of knowledge that only a complex road will lead you to.

Watch Tommy kicking it to us on the video below


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