The greatest asset

Wealthy or poor, black or white, privilaged or otherwise, no matter where you are on the planet, we all have a resource account that gets credited with the same amount of the most vital resource to an entreprenuer, the responsibilty to ourselves is effectively manage it, invest it, utilize it and get as much return to ourselves from it. Yes I am talking about Father Time.


Resource – a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively. That is by definition in the dictionary of the word resource, for both the certified and rookie hustlers out there, no greater skill is vital than that of effectively managing our assets and resources.

Highly successful people view time as their most valuable asset and treat it as such, time is your most valuable and scarcest resource, that are some of the key points I have taken from the book “15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management” by Kevin Kruse, he has taken the input from 7 billionaires, 13 Olympic athletes, 29 straight A students, and 239 successful entrepreneurs and distilled down their lessons learned regarding time management.

The book’s 15 secret points are:

  1. Time is Your Most Valuable And Scarcest Resource
  2. Identify Your Most Important Task (MIT) and Work On It Each Day Before Doing Anything Else.
  3. Work From Your Calendar, Not a To Do List
  4. Procrastination Can Be Overcome When You Figure Out How to Beat Your Future Self, Who Cannot Be Trusted To Do The Right Thing
  5. Accept the Fact That There Will ALWAYS Be More To Do and More That Can Be Done
  6. Always Carry a Notebook
  7. Email Is A Great Way For Other People to Put Their Priorities In Your Life; Control Your Inbox
  8. Schedule And Attend Meetings As A Last Resort, When All Other Forms of Communication Won’t Work
  9. Say No To Everything That Doesn’t Support Your Immediate Goals
  10. Eighty Percent Of Outcomes Are Generated By Twenty Percent Of Activities
  11. Focus Your Time Only On Things That Utilize Your Unique Strengths And Passions
  12. Batch Your Work With Recurring Themes For Different Days Of The Week
  13. If A Task Can Be Completed In Less Than Five Minutes, Do It Immediately
  14. Invest The First 60 Minutes Of Each Day In Rituals That Strengthen Your Mind, Body, And Spirit
  15. Productivity Is About Energy And Focus, Not Time

The specific stories behind the rules will help to imprint the fifteen rules in to the reader’s mind of his book; and, in so doing increase the probability that they will implement some or all of the rules.

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